The March of Life began when children of Nazi perpetrators received a word during a prayer meeting about the silence of their fathers. Led by Pastor Jobst Bittner & TOS Church of Tubingen Germany in late 2006, they began organizing prayer marches along the paths of former death marches; uniting Christians for national campaigns in West & East Germany, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Austria, & Hungary to stand against the anti-semitism of their fathers, and to break the silent indifference towards Jews in these respective nations today.

In 2009, the first annual March of Remembrance was held in Dallas TX and it has since become a connecting point for people in cities of the USA who wish to observe Yom HaShoah (Day of Holocaust Remembrance) with public prayer walks, and provide a platform for Holocaust survivors to give public testimonies.

The Israeli Knesset & Helping Hand Coalition recognized the March of Life & March of Remembrance in November 2011 and again in February 2015 with a “Friend of Israel” award, and March of Life has received several favorable media reports in Israel, North & South America, and in several nations of eastern Europe.


a brief history

2007 - March of Life goes across Germany from Bisingen to Dachua with 300 children of Nazis; Holocaust survivors leading the way

2008 - Thousands of Germans take to the streets from Buchenwald to Berlin, in a national campaign of standing with Israel in the former East German Republic

2009-March of Remembrance launches in 8 cities of the USA

2010 - March of Remembrance is held in front of Congress and in 25 cities of the USA. March of Life unites more than 300 Churches to pray in 18 cities of Ukraine over 3 days

2011 - March of Remembrance expands to 45 cities of the USA, The Phillipines, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina, and Peru. March of Life networks churches of Lithuania for a national campaign held in 8 cities. Both March of Life & March of Remembrance receive the “Friend of Israel” award from the Israeli Knesset!

2012 - March of Remembrance expands to 52 cities. March of Life holds a national campaign that covers Poland, visiting every major death camp

2013 - March of Remembrance expands to 60+ cities, with 2,500 and saints of Houston Texas holding marches in 7 suburbs around the city. Pastor BIttner’s book “Breaking the Veil of Silence” is released in German, English, and Polish.

2014 - March of Life goes to Linz, Austria, the hometown of Adolph Hitler and marches to Mauthausen-Gusen camps. March of Remembrance & March of Life join March of The Living as 25,000 fill the streets of Budapest, Hungary

2015 - Israeli Knesset gives second award to March of Remembrance & 67 cities of the USA march on Yom HaShoah

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